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Building Material

Building Material

Radhey Testing & Consultant Pvt. Ltd is a professionally managed Construction material Testing Laboratory in Agra.We offer clients Building Materials testing service. This service allows us to successfully test and analyze building content in bitumen mix, undertake penetration test, undertake bitumen mix design, undertake tests for G.S.B & W.M.M. The finer details of testing standards delivered by us include.

Building Materials Testing Services:

1. Cement Testing

Serial No. Description of Material & Test IS Specs.
1 Cement OPC 33 Gd./ 43Gd/ 53 Gd as per
IS:269-19998, IS:8112-2000, Is:12269-1999
2 Cement Chemical Analysis IS:4032:2000
3 Cement Physical Testing IS:4031 (Pt 1):1996
IS:4031 (Pt 2):1999
IS:4031 (Pt 3-15):2000

2. Brick, Tile & Marbles

Serial No. Description of Material & Test IS Specs.
1 Compressive Strength IS:3495 (Pt 1):1997
2 Water Absorption IS:3495 (Pt 2):1997
3 Dimension IS:1077:1997
4 Efflorescense IS:3495 (Pt 3):1997
5 Marble Testing IS:1130:1998
6 Tile Testing (excluding flexural strength) IS:1237:1996
7 Tile Abrasion Value IS:1237:1996
8 Tile Water Absorption IS:1237:1996
9 Flexural Strength IS:1237:1996
10 Mohs Hardness IS:1130-1998

3. Concrete

Serial No. Description of Material & Test IS Specs.
1 Compressive Strength set of three (without curing) IS:516:1999
2 Analysis of fresh concrete mixing & testing IS:1199:1999
3 Det. of setting of Concrete by penetration resistence ASTM-C-403-19992
4 Permeability test (single pc.) DIN:1048:19991
5 Admixture of Concrete (Phy.+Chem.) IS:9103:1999
6 Compressive Strength by ACT (per sample) IS:9013:1978
7 Mix Preportion in Harden Concrete IS:1199:1999
8 Mix Preportion in Mortor IS:1199:1999
9 Concrete Design Mix (Single)
Each subsequent design
10 Water Proofing Compound IS:2645:1999
11 Trial Mix of Concrete each sample (Det. Of Comp. St. & workability Mixing + Slump Test, Setting Time, Density) IS:1199:1999
12 Fly ash Complete IS:1727:1999
13 Grouting Compound per Mix C-939-1997
14 Flexural Strength IS:516-1999
15 Split Tensile Strength IS:516-1999
16 Chloride Content in Hard Concrete
17 Sulphate Content in Hard Concrete
18 Concrete Core Cutting at Site AS PER REQUIREMENT

4. Bitumen & All Bituminous Mix Material/Product

Serial No. Description of Material & Test IS Specs.
1 Bitumen Content in Bitumen Mix Hand Book Bitumen Mix by (IOC/CRRI)
2 Bituminous Mix Design (B.M,DBM, BC,S.D.B.C,S.D.A.C,Premix Carpet,Mastic Asphalt) ASTM D-1159
3 Bitumen Emulsion AS PER IS: 8887-2000
4 Admixture (Phy.+Chem.) IS:9103:1999
5 Marshal Stability Test As Per Most
6 Bituminous Core Cutting & Density Test As Per Most
7 Bitumen Mastic Asphalt Hardness Test As Per Spec.
8 P.M.B/C.R.M.B Testing IRC:SP-53-2002
9 Bitumen Testing As Per IS: 73